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We can’t count the number of World Yacht Forums or Sailing Summits or whatever Most Important Yachting Gathering In The History of Mankind we have not been invited to over the years. And what makes the non-invites particularly ridiculous is how they either A) never even ask B) pretend that we don’t exist or C) never respond to e-mails queries.

In truth, we don’t really give a fuck if they ask us or not, but it is laughable when they invariably have a panel discussing, say “The Direction of New Media in Sailing” or some such thing, but then either through sheer retardation or willful spite,  don’t include the one website that not only generates the most traffic, but in many ways has changed the sport like no other media source in the last decade.

So again we laugh at the US Sailing so-called Leadership Forum, and note that with topics such as Social media 101 & 201, Attracting young adults and keeping them engaged, and 21st Century Communications: print vs electronic,  that the geniuses behind these things don’t even at least pretend that they tried to ask us.

The most visited sailing website in the world doesn’t get an invite, but Bill “Spaceman” Lee, who hasn’t been relevant to the sport in 20 years is on the panel?  How awesome. Will Lee be addressing how to attract young adults in the sport???

Kiss our ass, status quo, and thanks for proving our point time after time.


May 8th, 2013

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