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We can never get enough of the travels of James Burwick and family…

We are in Whtianga, Mercury Bay, putting the boat back together. I took everything out of the boat and off the boat except the Yanmar. I do 8000 nm prep then go sailing and before 8000 nm I do another one. They take 1000 hours by myself. I do 10 hour days non stop. Somira does everything else. I have done 450 but had a few friends come up from Tauranga. 3 brothers, all sailors.

We sanded the bottom to the primer in 6 hours, then just in time to reload all the gear from the shack to boat which is way the fuck up in the air. A young Frenchman comes along. he even has a Suburu station wagon. These two times are worth a lot so maybe less than 500 more. 50 days. More here.



April 23rd, 2013



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