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cabin fever

An Anarchist (in the real sense of the word) couple may have discovered that 25 feet is just too damned short for a family voyage; at least that’s one theory on why Joshua and Sharon Hakken flew back to Tampa and turned themselves and their two boys in to authorities after escaping from the US to Cuba on their Morgan 25 over the weekend.

The couple lost custody of the kids thanks to the brilliant War on Drugs; a marijuana possession charge last year led to the custody issues in the first place.  That’s the same war that’s put a few billion dollars worth of ships, radar and materiel in the Caribbean to save Americans from themselves, and that’s the same massive interdiction and e-warfare fleet that couldn’t find two chubby adults and their kids in a 25 foot sailboat that struggles to move at 6 knots…

The two young boys will likely be returned to their grandmother in Florida later in the week after the family returned home early this morning.  Wherever they end up, the Hakkans aren’t likely to get custody anytime soon.  On a positive note, Cuba and the State Department seem to be pretty chummy lately; might we see Cuba opening up to some SORC-style yacht racing once again?  Write your damned senator to help get rid of door-tending OFAC and let us go sailing to a beautiful country, and stay educated about our nearest island neighbor’s future.  Here’s some video, and here’s the thread.


April 10th, 2013

Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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