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juan gone?

Rumors and Lies

We hear there are major changes afoot at the Artemis AC team, perhaps all the way to the top.  Is Cayard finally out of scapegoats, or will JuanK get the flick, giving the CEO another few weeks before the inevitable?  We all know that Terry Hutchinson was an early casualty of Pope Paul’s hatchet wielding, as were dozens of highly competent support staff…some of them replaced by Cayard’s own family… and now might Caytard himself be facing the plank?  Rumored to be widely disliked within the team, and of questionable value to this multihull effort, this is essentially his creation, right? If there’s any time left to make these kinds of changes, they have to happen now, and hearing how emaciated and weary Paul looks, it will probably be good for his health…And designer Juan K — out of his element from the get-go — has seemingly drawn a dog here  (a dog btw, that apparently was never intended to foil), so we hear he is on the block as well.  Could it perhaps have something to do with the 6-week delay on Artemis AC72 # 2, requiring the team to blow massive cash to fly her over to San Francisco on not one but two Antonov cargo planes…

Who takes over – Loick? Do they bring in Schnack for Juanker? Butterworth for Cayard? Ours ears on on the ground…


February 28th, 2013

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