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dissect the bounty

Tangled in rigging, he was dragged under the water again.  This time he wasn’t coming up. With no chance to get a breath and struggling to free himself, he started to inhale water. Joshua Scornavacchi, one of Bounty’s young deckhands, was drowning. “I started to lose muscle control…and I kept taking on water and then I got really upset because I had promised my mom and my little brother that I wouldn’t die,” Scornavacchi said. The twenty-five-year-old had come as close to dying as anyone ever has. He sounded like he was talking about the weather – almost bored.  ”Something said that it wasn’t time yet and the [line] broke.” Alone and on the surface now, Scornavacchi wasn’t sure if anyone else had survived. It is absolutely incredible that anyone did.

As you can tell from the above excerpt, longtime CG and Navy man Mario Vittone is doing a brilliant job covering the USCG’s hearing into the sinking of the Bounty and the loss of her captain and one of her crew.  A few days of testimony remain; for some great information and a great read, check out each day’s report here.


February 24th, 2013

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