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dear kenny

Dear Kenny,

We’re all very excited that you and your pals have embraced multihull sailing so completely, and your new, Ferrari Red Marstrom 32 is simply gorgeous.

That’s why I’m so sorry for breaking the beautiful piece of carbon porn that you call your Marstrom 32 mast.  No, I wasn’t driving.  No, I wasn’t even on the boat.

But I do admit to being the guy who stopped by in a 26′ Contender to say hello at the end of the day when the crew was chilling out, going nearly dead downwind, rehydrating and having a snack after a long day on the water.   I might even have lulled them into a bit of a trance with a riveting tale, and when the main accidentally gybed over, it was all I could do to get Mer and I out of the way as the mast crashed down where we’d been just seconds before.   6 feet of depth isn’t a friendly place for a capsized M32 catamaran, and the mast didn’t last long in that environment.

The 6 hour rescue-and-tow, upside-down and backwards, is a whole ‘nother story, and once I’ve put a thousand miles between me and Miami, I’ll send it along.  It’s pretty riveting, too.

Best Regards,

-Mr. Clean

February 11th, 2013

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