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law and disorder

SA’er ‘Sloan’ gives us his take on Ben Ainslie’s brain fart, and boarding parties in general. Worth a laugh.

“It is not possible for a sailor to commit the offense of assault against anyone in charge of a motor vessel as the common law clearly states that it can never be an offense to hit, abuse, or strike your inferiors. That was clearly shown in the case of Havelock v. Shipley 1932 where a skiff sailor boarded a motorised launch on Sydney harbour that had cut too close and caused the skiff to lose a single place. The sailor quite justifiably proceeded to beat the Captain and coxwain to a bloody pulp and still had enough energy afterwards to ravish the more delectable woman on board to both their satisfactions.

His Honour ruled very clearly in his judgment that any motorised vessel and all on board her are the clear inferiors of anyone that sails due to their weak and frail physiques, their cowardly and guilty manner and generally immoral nature, and, as such, they should not expect the normal rights accorded to other citizens. In passing judgment his Honour found in favor of the sailor and had the power boat captain taken into custody to serve a minimum of 2 years to, as he put it, “make a man of him, bad lot though he is.”

It would seem the common law is very clear on this issue. It should be obvious even to you that power boaters are, to put it in modern parlance, sailors’ bitches and should do as they are told or face the consequences.


December 14th, 2011

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