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some wenches, no winches

some wenches, no winches

Anarchists have had thousands of great rides over the years from posts in our Crew Pool Anarchy forum, but rarely do berths as salty as this one open up.  Keep your eyes on the forum for more rides opening up daily!

Privateer Royaliste is seeking volunteer crew for our 2010 voyage through the Great Lakes. Traditional Tallship sailing; some wenches, no winches.  We’ll launch late May/ early June, and transit the Erie Canal for the bulk of the time before the events start, tweaking the show look of the ship, and of course re-stepping and all the associated up rigging.  It’s always an adventure!

We prefer sailing experience, but quick learners are welcome. Volunteer position; room, board, and good tips in port. A little different experience than most; crew in period attire during festivals, mock sea battles, strong interaction with the public (deck tours, temporary tattoos for young and old, any theatrical skills a plus.)  Also in need of dockside help while in ports. For more information check or We’re possibly seeking a relief Captain as well.  If you think you measure up, put your mark on the articles and become a true scallywag…Email us here or check out the thread.  -Gary Bergman, Captain, owner, and chief scallywag, Privateer Royaliste

May 24th, 2010

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