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going green

This one is a bit dated, but Greenpeace has commissioned a new flagship to be built in Germany at a cost of $50 million for delivery next year.  Named "Rainbow Warrior III" (after the original RW destroyed by French operatives), the 57 meter ketch will ‘feature the latest in green technology’ according to the PR, and is the first time the environmental organization has ordered a new boat instead of adapting an existing one.  Given Greenpeace’s published difficulties in keeping up with Japanese whaling ships makes the choice an odd one – early specs and the concept drawing make it apparent that this green blob is no speed machine, and despite fluffy claims that she will be "powered by the wind," we see an awful lot of motor sailing in her future.  Is this real environmental progress, or will RW3 be little more than a public relations showpiece?

May 21st, 2010

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