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Matched Up

Our resident NA. Doug Schickler, of Schickler Yacht Design and Engineering, takes on this week’s Ask the Designer questions:

Question 1: Which would win, a well sailed VO70 or a well sailed IACC boat in a windward/leeward around the buoys race?

SYDE: Depends on wind, length of beat/run, and number of sausages. Anything over 12 knots of wind, assuming 2 up and 2 down and my money would be on the VO70. The IACC would win the first beat but couldn’t stay in contact to defend it properly. In 4 to 10 knots TWS the IACC could lead at all marks, IMHO. Hey, ask Ken Read, a good segue to an update on Puma. Even better, maybe we can get them to do it: stage a race off against, say, Mean Machine vs. Shoshaloza in VLC. Great stunt!

Question 2: What would the margin be in a typical 60 minute race?

SYDE: Again depends on course and windspeed. Quick estimate says that the VO70 would win the above mentioned race by one or two minutes, just based on boatspeed.

Question 3: What conditions would favor each type of boat?

SYDE: Light wind would hurt the VO70 a lot, so this would favor the IACC. Strong wind, over 24 knots, would obviously favor the VO70.


April 30th, 2007

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