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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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Gunboat 5501 in Newport, RI.

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Anarchist BooBoo shows us how it’s done. Mighty impressive, boys!


January 31st, 2015

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From Gunboat’s Peter Johnstone…

RAINMAKER was dismasted today 36 hours into her passage out of the Gunboat yard about 200 miles SE of Hattaras. From the very brief and patchy sat phone call, and various brief texts, the following is all we have been told:

*Everyone is accounted for aboard, including the owner, his son, and three professional crew.
*The rig was promptly cut away.
*The boat was not holed.
*At the last update there were no injuries.

Conditions are evidently quite severe. It is not uncommon for the cold NW winds to accelerate over the Gulf Stream to windspeeds well above what may show on grib files. They have a large South swell, and are faced with deteriorating conditions with a building NW breeze in the Gulf Stream. Waves and swells have been observed from onboard to be getting worse over the course of the day.

An onboard decision has been made to be airlifted off of the boat. The US Coast Guard expects to be on site within 30 minutes.

These people are a part of our Gunboat family. Please say a prayer for the safe recovery of the RAINMAKER crew and the safety of the USCG rescue team that has been dispatched. An airlift is not an easy operation in any conditions, never mind these conditions. The Atlantic in February is a merciless place. Praying for their safe recovery and return. Check for more on their Facebook.

Title song is obvious.


January 30th, 2015

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Andrew “AMAC” McDougall is always a good chat, and we grabbed him at the end of the Moth Worlds to talk about his umpteenth win as Grand Master (and ignore the fact we thought he won Master as well – that honor went to the newly-turned-45 Dave Lister).  We also took the time to learn the essential bits of what is a far more interesting development – the soon-to-be-revealed Waszp.  At less than the cost of a one and a half Lasers, this fiberglass and alloy ‘foiler for the masses’ might just provide the engine for an explosion in sailing that we’ve not seen since the Hobie 16 or the Laser itself.  Reality or hype?  Listen to Amac and decide for yourself, and get psyched for next week’s “Moth Worlds: The TV Show” from Penalty Box Productions with support from Sperry.  We’re not done yet.


January 30th, 2015

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IMG_1169The Sailing Anarchy/VOR “Show Us Your Boatyard” competition is off to a blazing start, with over 50 submissions coming in over the past few weeks.  They’ve been so good that the SUYB leaderboard (left) is now a permanent part of the traveling VOR race village show – be sure to check it out when you come down to visit the race.

Your submissions are also providing plenty of entertainment to the awesome girls of the Boatyard (the competition’s judges), and they remind you that Leg 3′s Boatyard T-shirt winners will be announced immediately after the Sanya In-Port Race.  Keep sending in your submissions, and if you want extra consideration, post ‘em straight on the Boatyard Facebook Page with a hashtag #showusyourboatyard.

Full contest details over here.


January 30th, 2015

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Local Knowledge 

worst 2I had sailed on a Flying Dutchman in the 60′s as a kid in Ft. Myers, FL.  So when I saw an ad under the “Boats for Free” in Wooden Boat for a FD (a mid-50’s Doesburg, #121) with “minor cockpit bottom delamination”, I drove from Folly Beach, SC to Cleveland to get the boat.  After seeing it, I told myself there was no point in driving home without it.

I turned it over under my house and starting stripping it to see what I had.  Not much.  To keep the boat from completely collapsing, I took one section at a time, cut it out and rebuilt it.  Good grief!

The whole bottom ended up being replaced. Then, there were 72 rotten places in the sides, some as small as a silver dollar to others the size of a dinner plate. It took about 2 years.  I went at night with a flashlight to mark the places that needed to be faired.  The bottom got an epoxy and graphite finish.

worst 3The deck was OK. I guess the previous owner hadn’t let the boat fill with enough water to trash that.  The boat was sailed several times at Lake Murray Sailing Club in the summer of “95. I ended up giving it away several years later since there were no FD’s to sail against in Charleston.

I’m sure other boats have been brought back from worse condition, but I can’t imagine why.

Now I’m doing another FD that sat unused at the LMSC for many years. With 4 moths, a laser, and an M16, I need another project like ^%$#@!. But, it should be fun to sail, even if there still aren’t any FD’s around New Bern, NC where I live now. – Anarchist Gary.


January 29th, 2015

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jump the shark

We love the work of long-time advertiser McConaghy Boats, but they must have held their collective noses when this thing came along…

BMT Asia Pacific and McConaghy Boats are pleased to announce the development of the Tri60®.  Short-listed for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015 in the Yacht Concept up to 40m category, this exciting new 60’ trimaran seeks to balance the desire for Space, Style and Speed in a unique platform that is poised to create big waves across the global power boat sector.


January 29th, 2015

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With apologies to Charles Dickens from Shanghai Sailor…

I have been honoured (or lucky perhaps) to have been invited to two quite contrasting parties these past two evenings.

party 2Two nights ago it was the Dongfeng Race Team welcome to Sanya, and in a position that no-one just one year ago would have imagined. In fact if a Hollywood producer had received this script I am sure he would have turned it down as too fanciful.

The dinner was organized by Geoff Ryan at the Intercontinental Resort just round the corner from the marina and was on a wide jetty set well away from prying eyes and although completely out in the open was surprisingly private.

The team spirit in this team is something to behold. Prior to the dinner, in what appeared to be a completely unplanned move the sailors (apart from Black who was making sure his auntie and grannie got to the party) gathered slightly apart from shore team, family and friends gathered to help them celebrate their moment. It was a noticeable yet subtle sign of the bond these guys have developed over the past weeks yet only a short delay before the meal itself began.

The overall atmosphere felt more that of a ‘job well done’ rather than a delirious happiness, although they would have been entitled to that also. Part way through the dinner, Team Director Bruno Dubois,  phone in hand, called for silence. His phone call was answered by Yann Riou, currently in France with his sick wife, they just wanted him to be able to share the moment also. Now that is a team, they leave no one out. Well almost no-one, Boat Captain Gringo was late for the party. Why? Well there were things he needed to organize for the boat before he felt he could relax. Like I say, team spirit.

party 1The second party was last night, on an altogether much more formal and grand scale as only official China seems to be able to do. (not a criticism, just an observation).

The official Welcome to Sanya from the Sanya government with speechifying from the Vice Mayor, the Deputy Director of the Central Government Sports Authority and with team representatives ushered on stage to make their comments about Sanya so far.

This was followed by performances on stage from Hainan ethnic minorities.


January 29th, 2015

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Stern-steerers, litigation (not ours, thankfully!), luscious Hannah, the slickest metal in the world, the boys in Orange coming on, and the boys in Bermuda flying high.  Another edition of Video Anarchy is all yours.

Magic Carpet Ride

Yacht designers and racers have been searching for some breakthrough in hull coating technology for as long as boats have raced; so much so that the  fluid-emitting system on the BMW/Oracle 90 is illegal in every other type of racing.  But what if the perfect hydrophobic hull was a single sheet of metal?  And what if you could etch metal foils so the water literally ran away from them?  We don’t know what the long term outlook would be, but we sure are interested, and we know the AC guys are, too.  Check this incredible video above, and you will be too.

All Hannah, All The Time

We were going to post an interesting kiteboarding movie here by the awesome Broken Head Film guys, but then we noticed one of their stars (and an avowed SA reader) Hannah Whiteley – had a new video up herself. And since we’re head-over-heels in love with her, we’ll feature that one.  Follow Hannah here.

Big Ben’s Bermuda Base

Is this just an easy winter vacation for a team whose backers probably all have winter mansions in Bermuda, or are Ben & Friends the most serious Cup team of all right now?   Time is the one thing that matters most for the AC, and here’s a slickly produced video showing Ben and the team getting feet wet in Bermuda with Nacra F20C foilers.  UK 1, everyone else: 0.

Orange Is The New Bronze

If you’re like us, you’re proud of Charlie and Mark and the youngest VOR team for their hard-fought podium finish in Sanya.  But if you’re like us, you didn’t pay much attention to this long, light-air leg, and you don’t understand how they got there.  Watch this video and catch up.

 Section 68

Former OTUSA sailor Mattie Mitchell is taking Larry and Russell to court for being thrown headfirst under the bus during the 2013 AC’s Kingpostgate (and hung out to dry for $68K),  and now that it’s in court, all the OTUSA/ACEA/ISAF secret meetings, back room deals, and ‘confidential’ submissions are finally going to see the light of day. Mattie sat down for a 10-minute interview with NZ’s  Good Chaps the other day, and it’s definitely a good listen for anyone who likes a good AC dustup.

We’re excited for the discovery process to begin, and we think the world will get to see just what kind of folks were running the show over in San Fran and at ISAF headquarters for the past few years.  Stay tuned for more developments coming soon, and let’s all hope Mattie doesn’t settle!

Lords Of The Deuce

54 feet. 104 MPH. 6 crazy dudes.
Total Anarchy.

January 29th, 2015

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shot in the armas

Last weekend welcomed the Orange Crush to the San Diego Racing scene.  The New F32SRXC, Jail Break (long story about build issues) beat everyone in the fleet in the Cabrillo Series by at least 8 minutes!  In light air!  Fully rigged with Colligo Dux rigging screecher and spinnaker furlers, Jerry Fiat’s boat is the boat to watch for now…


January 28th, 2015

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