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How the hell do we know? But we know that we dig it when some down under mates get a classic – it this case, a 1971 S&S One Ton – start to optimize it, with the goal of trying to win class and have a shot at overall. Ya gotta love people’s passion and appreciation for the history of our sport.

We’ll have more on this project as it goes along!


October 16th, 2018

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Many people have tried, including several of those involved in the latest initiative, to deliver a professional and engaging sailboat race circuit. But teams don’t come better qualified than this one and Act 1 in Bermuda was none too shabby. A good time to build on it then… James Boyd grills Russell Coutts about SailGP

Eleven and a half years ago, a few months before the 32nd America’s Cup in Valencia, the press were invited to Lisbon to hear from Russell Coutts and Paul Cayard about a new sailing circuit called the World Sailing League, backed to the tune of 30 million euros by a Portuguese sports promoter. The circuit would be a global series of grand prix, in 70ft one-design VPLP-designed catamarans with a US$5 million prize purse. Given that at the time we were supposed to be getting excited about the latest Version 5 lead mines soon to be unveiled in Valencia, this new circuit for ultra-fast boats, supported by two of the biggest names in sailing, was a breath of fresh air.

Sadly the World Sailing League never materialized and it is perhaps for this reason that one of the worst-kept secrets in modern-day sailing is only being formally revealed now, just four months out from its first event.

Thanks to the entity formerly known as ISAF changing its name to World Sailing, ‘World’ was no longer an option and Coutts’s new circuit is to be called SailGP. The boats will be fully one-design, heavily enhanced versions of the AC50 flying catamarans and have been christened F50.

Read on.


October 16th, 2018

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In line with your posts today… the SouthBeach Yacht Club in San Francisco is hosting the 5th annual Red Bra Regatta.

The Skippers and crews are all women and the PRO and all volunteer race committee are all men. – Anarchist Dave.

SBYC invites all interested ladies to join the Seventh Annual Red Bra Regatta! A Regatta skippered and crewed by women in the south portion of San Francisco Bay.

The Regatta has proven to be a fun event that allows women to race against each other and enjoy a beautiful venue. Weather permitting two races will be run.  Post race awards will be presented. No host bar. Food will be served for a nominal fee. More here.


October 16th, 2018

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Love this shot by Emily Scott of the E-22 Gen XY plowing along from the pre-Worlds in Brisbane. Thanks to John Curnow. There is a thread for you Etchells freaks…


October 16th, 2018

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We have all discussed the type and number of problems that have led to the shrinking of the sport. One aspect which has not been widely discussed is that of the overwhelming patriarchy and sexual harassment within the sport. The sailing industry, specifically sailmakers, need to lead the way in change, for a few, not all, are among the worst offenders.

Go to virtually any big boat regatta in the US, the competitors are overwhelming male. Dinghy classes tend to have a better gender balance as there is a lot less male bullshit for females to wade through. However, the sport largely centers around males in every respect. Most are pretty decent people, but the alpha males that sailmakers hire are too often people that do more harm than good for the sport, and in the end, the sailmaking company itself.

Maybe there are females who sell sails or are “class experts” (or as is often said, “experts with no class”), but if there are, they are few and far between, and they are not household names.

Obviously, it has never occurred to the management of all the sailmakers that there are customers, and more importantly potential customers, who really do not enjoy the sailing bro culture that exists within the sailmaking business, and would rather instead purchase sails and have has the “class expert” females.

Perhaps women are not interested in selling sails or being a “class expert”. Maybe they do not want to bother trying to break through the carbon ceiling that the sport has created for women. Or maybe some women want to, and have no chance at either of these jobs because of the obvious gender bias by the owners and management of the sailmaking companies.

Couple this with some too often sexual harassment by rather obnoxious sailmakers and experts with no class and what self respecting woman would want to be part of this culture, to try and change the norms within the sport?

Case in point : expert with no class flies across the country for a one design big boat regatta to help an owner who bought sails from the company. He steps aboard for the first time with his entitled arrogance and wandering eye. He quickly figures out the one female aboard is now his target for the week. As the week progresses he gets more overt in this attention of the female crewmember. Funny comments become overt suggestions. A glance across the dinner table becomes an unwelcome game of footsie under it. He escalates his attempts, is continually rebuffed, but keeps trying. Of course, there’s the butt grab whenever possible. Oh yeah, he’s married with a kid at home, so he’s either in an open marriage or he’s just another creepy middle age sailing industry semi bro who goes home empty handed and has to touch himself instead.

There is not going to be a single solution to getting more people to race sailboats more often, but the things that can be fixed should be fixed one by one. So to the owners and CEO’s of sailmakers – here’s a challenge for you – get more (some?) women selling sails and being experts with class. Watch your sales increase and see more people having fun more often. Discuss here.

Title inspiration thanks to the Divinyls


October 16th, 2018

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Here is a terrific piece of news that fits nicely as a bit of a counterpoint to our I Touch Myself piece….

CORONA DEL MAR, Calif., Oct. 16, 2018 – The Sailing Convention for Women presented by Gail Hine will be held on Sat., Feb. 2, 2019 at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club in Corona del Mar. Sponsored by BoatUS, the daylong event is a series of 33 workshops for ladies-only, and include shore- and-boat-based sessions that offer beginners to experts a welcoming environment to learn more about all things sailing.

“This is where women sailors go to learn,” said Convention Creator/Director Gail Hine. “The Convention gives women an opportunity to meet other women sailors, discuss options for more cruising and daysailing, find out about existing women’s sailing organizations in their area as well as instructional programs available. We have something meaningful for everyone,” she added.

Attendees select a combination of workshops in areas that best fit their interests and abilities. Course instructors are top women sailors, many of whom are U.S. Coast Guard-licensed captains. Workshops include Welcome Aboard for Beginners, Diesels, Going Up the Mast, Docking, Suddenly Singlehanded, Weather, Sail Trim, Basic Navigation, Electronic Navigation, Electrical Systems, DIY Canvas Projects, How to Heave a Line, Nighttime Navigation, Winch Workshop, Spinnaker Rigging, Offshore Cruising, Emergency Equipment & Life Raft Demo, and Introduction to Sailing.

To top off the event, dinner’s featured speaker is Melody Kanschat, a sailor with 40 years of sailing experience beginning in the Midwest on small boats and now in California aboard her C&C 40, Harmony. Throughout those four decades, Melody has applied the lessons she learned as a female skipper to her professional career in public radio, in art museums as president of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and as executive director of the Getty Leadership Institute. Kanschat will talk about the styles and characteristics of women leaders and those pivotal moments when both skippers and crew embrace their leadership. She also will share tips for women sailors in exerting their own leadership to be happy and productive members of any sailing crew.

The convention registration fee of $200 (early bird price) includes workshops, breakfast, lunch, dinner, souvenirs and handouts. Prepaid registrations are required as space is limited to approximately 250 attendees. To obtain a reservation form, email [email protected] or call 951-677-8121. Bookings can be made online at beginning Dec. 10, 2018.


October 16th, 2018

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This Sunday Jaume Binimelis, one of the best Sailors of the Real Club Nautico de Palma, passed away.

He died at the horn of the starting signal on board his beautiful boat Petrouchka III, doing what he liked most to do, sailing and racing. I had to chance to race multiple times with him, including the last two Middle Sea Race, 2016 and 2017 which we won in ORC5.

It is a great loss for the sailing world and for the little family of sailors who got the chance to sail with him. Full story in this article.

Anarchist Uri


October 16th, 2018

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Last opportunities for Yoann Richomme to test his single-handed set-up in race mode on his Lift 40 ( Class 40 ) “Black Mamba” – “Veedol” ahead of November’s solo transatlantic Route du Rhum race from St Malo to Guadeloupe.

The Lift 40 was built at Gepeto Composite and designed by Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group, Lorient Keroman Submarine Base, Brittany, France.

Beautiful shot from Christophe Launay, with a lot more of this project right here!


October 15th, 2018

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From Trogear, a supporter of us here at SA….

We received a call in 2016 from Michael R., a Navy sailor who purchased a B-25 specifically to bring US PATRIOT Sailing, a non-profit sailing program with a mission to help Wounded, Disabled, and Combat Veterans through competitive sailing, to San Diego. He was looking to add an Asymmetric spinnaker to the training mix to make the mechanics of spinnaker work easier to execute, especially for the physically challenged Veterans sailing on his boat. The Trogear bowsprit was an integral part of the plan.

“The Trogear sprit and an Asym reduces the amount of gear and the need for able body crew to work on the bow, but still keeps the boat competitive,“ said Michael. “ A mobility challenged Vet can sit in the pit, rig the Spinnaker, set the bobstay and Tack lines, prep the spin sheets on the winches, tail the spin halyard, release the Jib halyard, then grind the spin sheets or adjust the bobstay. The whole evolution requires one guy on the bow to feed the tack, then go to the mast to jump halyard, then get back on the rail. This opens the bow/ mast position up to a Wounded Vet because he or she doesn’t have to juggle a 9.5’ Spinnaker pole, sheets, guys, topping lift, all while the boat is heeling 10+ degrees, and trying to hold on. So instead of 2-3 guys getting involved with the spin prep while approaching the Windward mark 1-3 minutes out, the pit can do 90% of the work and task the bowman once pit is ready, which should be 10-20 seconds from hoist – both of these positions can be physically wounded veterans,” Michael, explained.

In the process of working with Michael to outfit his B-25 “Spirit” we learned more about the US PATRIOT Sailing program, their mission and the lives they have impacted. It is uplifting to hear about how Veterans who are established sailors help others access our healthy life-sport to find positive ways to deal with the new realities of physical and mental wounds.

Often after service ends Veterans are suddenly without access to the TEAM environment that is so fundamental to military life. Sailing can provide a similar team experience where veterans navigate dynamic challenges; experience healthy adrenaline and excitement, calm and peace and camaraderie – all in one event. Sailing builds on the camaraderie and discipline that are paramount to military life.

Also, these Teammates stick together. Imagine sailing with a crew of strangers once or twice and then having them drive an hour to bring you your groceries and to cheer you up each day as you recover from surgery just a month after meeting? They instantly work together as if they have all known each other for years.

The Program Works: Michael pointed out that twenty-two veterans commit suicide every single day in the USA – more than double the rate of civilian suicides.

We haven’t heard much in the way of personal profiles of woe, but in conversation we quickly learned how US Patriot Sailing’s program has directly inspired several Veterans to regain hope and focused purpose – preventing further tragic loss. Several Veterans recently expressed that their personal stories would have ended differently if US PATRIOT Sailing had not welcomed them onto the Team and opened the door to sailing. Other Veterans, who started as volunteers, have recognized their own symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) only after helping others who were being treated for TBI. Through the camaraderie of common bonds they speak frankly about life, transition out of the military, common struggles, and laugh together about things most would find stressful. In the end, they help each other work through problems, while still holding each other accountable to be their best- as they did when they were in uniform.

Most of the Teams are all Veteran crews sailing in San Diego, Annapolis and Virginia Beach, but they also travel to national events and sail offshore. To support their aggressive schedules, US PATRIOT Sailing owns a Farr 30 (which they raced over 100 days this year on the East Coast )and a B-25 in San Diego. But their real impact comes from a network of over 20 supporting skippers nationally that allows the program to support more than 100 Veterans weekly!

“We are very pleased to see US PATRIOT Team San Diego sailing with the Trogear this fall. It’s great to see how well our sprit fits into the needs of the program – a program that is making a difference,“ said Henry Dokonal, Trogear inventor.

US Patriot Sailing, a 501(c)3 non-profit, was founded in 2014 and relies heavily on the veteran community for volunteer staff and outreach. A donation of equipment and /or funds is always greatly appreciated and can be made by contacting:

Veterans – looking for your next challenge? Find out more here.


October 15th, 2018

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Now that is one hell of a drop in!  It can’t have ended well for 1207, could it? Tons more shots here. Thanks to Anarchist Jaime for the heads up.


October 15th, 2018