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As usual, we are half a year late, but at long last, the soon-to-be-world-famous Sailing Anarchy Podcast has begun!

Our first episode was the result of a late night flight to Boston, a trudge to the shores of Naragansett Bay (via the liquor store), and an decreasingly sober 3-hour conversation with the always interesting Chris Museler.

New York Times Sailing Correspondent Chris Museler has spent his life on the water, and he taps into his lifetime of racing, crewing, boat work, and his passion for the sea and for sailing every day of his life. A champion match racer, college sailor, and now foiling mothie, Museler’s articles in ‘The Grey Lady”, seen by millions around the world, do as much to bridge the gap between the niche sport and the mainstream as any other person or program.

Chris and Clean talk about everything sailing: Current events (racing and tourism in Cuba, America’s Cup craziness, moth and cat racing, the Vendee Globe); origin stories, mentoring the next generation of sailing, and much, much more.

We’ll be publishing one new podcast every day until Sunday, and we hope to drop at least one a week after that.  Got any ideas for a podcast guest?  Let Clean know. And if you get your podcasts via iTunes or another app, sit tight for a few days while we get the necessary approvals from Apple.  A new day in Sailing has begun!



May 25th, 2016

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god damn thats pink

The new Seascape 27 is on a roll. And when you get customers who paint their boats like this, that’s the kind of enthusiasm the builders just have to love…


May 24th, 2016

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Here is the latest on the Melges family drama. As a victim of  draconian court-mandated divorce custody restraints a few years ago, I know of the pain and despair that one can feel when the court decides to punish one side or the other. And they do punish. Always.

I don’t know what the full story is, but those of you who have been victimized by divorce lawyer whores and their whore master judges, certainly know of what I speak. Let’s hope this story has a better ending than the beginning…. – the ed.

A Lake Geneva woman found in Savannah, Ga., with her three young sons after the four were reported missing was charged Tuesday with three felony counts of interfering with child custody, according to state court records. Michalene Melges, 40, was also charged with three misdemeanor counts of contributing to truancy and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct, according to the records.

Melges, along with Hans Melges, 14, Kristian “Max” Melges, 12, and Maverik “Buddy” Melges, 10, were reported missing Monday by Lake Geneva police. Michalene Melges rented a van in Lake Bluff, Ill. May 9, she and her sons were seen leaving their residence on May 10 and the van was returned to a rental company in Plano, Texas, May 13, according to police.

An arrest warrant was issued for her, and she and her sons were found safe Tuesday by Savannah police and FBI agents and taken into protective custody, according to a news release from the City of Lake Geneva Police Department.

Melges is the former daughter-in-law of famed sailor Harry C. “Buddy” Melges Jr. She and Hans Erik Melges were divorced earlier this year, according to state court records.


May 24th, 2016

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smith sining.bmp

Despite widespread doubt at pro racer Dee Smith’s disability, he passed whatever disability exam ISAF threw at him and has already been selected as the US Paralympic sailor for the 2.4 mR competition in Rio this summer.  Medemblik, Netherlands is Dee’s first regatta since scoring the slot, and he started off his career as an Olympian today with a literal “Bang!”. What a douche.

We don’t know what happened at all, but we do know what a huge hole in the pre-start on the starboard side of the boat means 99% of the time.  See the title of this piece for more information…

Photo thanks to Sander van der Borch.


May 24th, 2016

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We have no idea what, if anything, this is all about, but will do our best to find out asap…

UPDATE: A woman and her three sons who were reported missing Monday by police in Lake Geneva have been found safe in Georgia. ”We can confirm at this time that Michalene Melges and her three sons have been located and are safe in Georgia,” Lake Geneva city police said in an update posted just before noon Tuesday on its Facebook page. “We will offer further updates at the appropriate time.”

Michalene Melges, 40, Hans Melges, 14, Kristian “Max” Melges, 12, and Maverik “Buddy” Melges, 10, were seen leaving their residence in the 900 block of S. Lakeshore Drive on May 10, according to an earlier post on the Lake Geneva Police Department Facebook page.

According to police, Michalene Melges rented a van in Lake Bluff, Ill., May 9 and the van was returned to a rental company in Plano, Texas, May 13.

Melges is the former daughter-in-law of famed sailor Harry C. “Buddy” Melges Jr.


LAKE GENEVA — Lake Geneva police are asking for the public’s help locating a missing 40-year-old woman and her three sons. Michalene Melges and her children, Hans Melges (age 14), Kristian “Max” Melges (age 12) and Maverik “Buddy” Melges (age 10) were last seen leaving their home on S. Lake Shore Drive near Pine Tree Lane on Tuesday, May 10th.

Lake Geneva police say Michalene rented a van in Lake Bluff, Illinois on May 9th and the van was returned to a rental company in Plano, Texas on May 13th. Michalene and her sons may be traveling with their two dogs — “King,” a black English black lab and “Gigi” or “Geneva,” a white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Foul play is not suspected in this case. Anyone with information is asked to call (262) 248-4455.


May 24th, 2016

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When longtime Anarchist and now world cruiser BJ Porter joined Sailing Anarchy, his son was probably too young to talk.  And now, a decade and a half later, Will Porter is now a Naval Architecture student and the author of one of the most interesting threads on the Sailing Anarchy Forums in some time.  We’ll feature a new post from Will’s thread “Southampton Solent University Model Yacht Competition” all week, beginning with this one:

My design was one of the most unusual in the race because it had a wing sail (which took an extra 100 hours to build). It also is one of the only that use modular construction (think structure module like Francis Lee) and 3D printed parts. In addition, my boat was the only one designed entirely in 3D using Rhino because we’re not supposed to learn how to use that software until year 2.

My idea for that was to make the boat sail better upwind as that’s where all the points in the races are. It worked very well, apparently combining a skinny monohull with a wing gives good pointing ability. My boat sailed almost into the wind, the first race I started on the leeward side of the start line and finished first to weather of all the other boats. When I was testing the boat I had problems with it sailing so high the jib would collapse but the boat would keep going in a straight line into the wind. I think most of the time the wing was doing all of the work. You can see how high she was sailing in the photo below (relative to the ripples in the lake).


May 24th, 2016

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It’s the coolest competition in sailing, and our own Petey Crawford – the King Pimp himself – has hit the road to restore an old Melges 24 to ‘like new’ glory for the Pimp My Ride competition in association with Sailing Anarchy, a pile of sponsors, and the 2016 Miami Melges 24 Worlds.  The saga begins today and runs all summer long.  Who needs reality TV when we’ve got everythere right here on the interwebs?


May 24th, 2016

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We love the recent surge of historical recreations of famous trips; not only do they set out to verify important facts about history, but they introduce a typically diverse and young pool of landlubbers to the soul of sailing. The Hokulea project has been racking up the miles (most recently seen dockside during Charleston Race Week), but the Draken is even more up the SA alley.

While the volunteer crew was already chosen for the America 2016 voyage of this massive Viking replica (from over 4000 applicants!), you can still go and check her out when she visits the Canadian maritimes and then the Great Lakes this summer.  And if you really want to sail aboard, here’s a tip from an old square rig mariner: Drop them a line anyway and let them know your background and availability.  Typically, there’s some serious attrition on these voyages, and if you’re available, you might just get the call.

Tip o’ the hat to SA’er “Driftw00d”.  Thread here.

May 24th, 2016

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17887-desktop-wallpapers-cthulhuMankind has been decimating oceans since the first hominid figured out how to sew a net, and the net effect on sea life – fish stocks a tiny fraction of their size just a few decades ago, coral reef and major species extinction, and worldwide pollution – has been horrifying.  But one group of critters has not only dodged the bullet – they’re thriving nearly everywhere.

That’s the conclusion of a recent study in Current Biology, as reported by Gizmodo.

Something strange is happening to the oceans. As coral reefs wither and fisheries collapse, octopuses are multiplying like mad. As soon as they perceive weakness, they will amass an army and invade the land, too.

Okay, that last statement is probably pure paranoia. But it is a bit unsettling that cephalopods—squids, octopuses, cuttlefish—are booming, and scientists don’t know why. An analysis published today in Current Biology indicates that numerous species across the world’s oceans have increased in numbers since the 1950s.

There are plenty of theories to explain the “squid…squid…boom!” effect, but nothing concrete just yet.  We urge our Anarchist cruiser/fisherman friends to add these tasty cephalopods to your onboard fishing target list – they’re mostly easy to catch compared to more gamey fish (the experience of reeling in a 10 KG giant squid on a rod-and-reel is a truly special one)  and they’re a great source of protein.  Octopus require traps or spears, but squid are almost everywhere and you can learn to catch them here.


May 24th, 2016

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Nic brings it as only Nic can.

A quick catch up with Alex Thomson before he docked off from the Newport Shipyard to head to New York in preparation for the Ocean Masters race to Vendee on 29 May.
While the offshore race from Newport to New York was cancelled, I still got a sail on the foiling IMOCA “No Way Back” on Saturday afternoon, and I included a few snippets on board with the Canadian Ocean Racing guys after my interview with Alex.

Just about to jump on a plane to Japan!  Next up, the Moth Worlds.

More adventures at www.AdventuresofaSailorGirl.comFacebook, or Instagram.


May 23rd, 2016

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