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With the audience growing nearly 300% since the Copenhagen event, live video coverage of the M32 Series is some of the best TV sailing we’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.  Watch more great live action with cameras in the sky, on the boats, and on the ground, mixed with the kind of clever, interesting bits and pieces Redhanded TV is known for.   Live for three hours today beginning at 1330 EET/1130 UTC/0730 EDT/0430 PDT. Swedes own the podium after a sick day one – here are some highlights.


September 4th, 2015

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PJHundreds of highly-skilled jobs in the Midwest are going the way of the dodo bird with the announcement today that ultra-respected US yacht builder Palmer Johnson is shutting the doors of its historic, sprawling Sturgeon Bay, WI location to relocate to the Netherlands.  The move, claimed to be part of the yard’s ‘strategic plan’ of increasing production of the horribly ugly SuperSport series, is likely due to a combination of high US taxes and the strong US dollar, making exports far more expensive to non Americans than at any time in recent memory; is the market for foul-looking motor pigs a lot bigger on the Riviera and Far East than in the States?

SA’s editorial staff will forever remember PJ along with the fond memories of a gorgeous alloy cruising ketch named Whisper, built with a 4-person teak hot tub under the forward cabin’s queen-size bunk.  A sweet-sailing machine and an objet d’art wrapped up in a home-size, aluminium package.  RIP.  Talkback.



September 4th, 2015

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BREAKING NEWS (courtesy of 9news NSW):

Two bodies have washed up on a beach north of Newcastle following the disappearance of a yacht.

The bodies were found at Birubi Beach on Friday afternoon, along with a fuel tank and a dinghy believed to be from the vessel.

A boat went missing when it was heading from Broken Bay to Port Stephens late on Thursday night.

Know more?  Thread.


September 4th, 2015

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Ready for some more FREE live racing action?  We are!  Day one of the M32 Scandinavian Series from Helsinki is live, now.


September 3rd, 2015

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Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.09.09 AMNot content with its ‘provocative policing practices‘ igniting the biggest period of civil unrest in America in half a century, the animals running the Missouri Department of Highway Patrol have finally been called to task by a Senator for the attempted cover-up of the killing of a college student on Lake of the Ozarks last year by a ‘marine trooper’, whatever the fuck that is.

You may remember this story from last June, when the actions of State Trooper Anthony Piercy caused the death of 20 year old Iowan Brandon Ellingson, who flipped out of the trooper’s patrol boat while handcuffed.  The cops’ incompetent handling of the MOB killed Ellingson, yet a questionable coroner’s inquest found no culpability on the part of Piercy, and the Trooper’s video recording system was conveniently “missing its memory card.”  In the meantime, Sargeant Randy Henry was demoted and disciplined by his supervisors for speaking out about the miscarriage of justice, and both Henry and the family of Ellingson are now in litigation with Missouri Highway Patrol over their mismanagement (and alleged corruption, report falsification, and deception).  Will the Senator’s power bring a change to yet another American police department with a record of killing the innocent? We’re not confident, but we encourage you to head over the Justice for Brandon Facebook Page to add your support, while telling America’s police agencies that they need to train their fucking water cops better or expect consequences.  Boaters’ lives matter, too.

Here’s the August report from WHOTV:

New allegations have surfaced that the investigation into the death of Brandon Ellingson may have been botched, and that there was a cover-up based on a favor owed among Missouri law enforcement.

Ellingson, who was a Clive resident, was arrested last year for drunken boating at the Lake of the Ozarks. He was handcuffed, and then fell out of a police boat. He drowned before the arresting officer could save him. The same officer admitted he put on Ellingson’s life jacket the wrong way.

Amanda Grellner was the special prosecutor. She investigated the case, but she never pressed any charges against that arresting officer.

Meanwhile, another trooper criticized the Missouri Highway Patrol over how the arrest was handled. Sgt. Randy Henry spoke out and was demoted. Henry hired an attorney and appealed that decision.

Now, Henry’s attorney says he has found another investigation that involved Grellner, which may have influenced the Ellingson investigation.

The attorney says there was a botched rape investigation involving Grellner’s son and claims there was a cover-up.

The attorney believes Ellingson’s death was never fully investigated. He says that was Grellner’s way of paying back the Missouri State Patrol. Grellner stepped down from the Ellingson case and a second prosecutor took over.

Props to NWA and Rage Against The Machine for the title inspiration.


September 3rd, 2015

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Superstar racing commentator Mr. Clean is BACK behind the microphone and the breeze is ON here in the Northlands as the M32 Cat fleet readies for 8 days of shit hot racing over the next 12.  So if you didn’t get your fill from some other series in Sweden last week, rest assured: Sailing Anarchy and the M32 Series got your back with young, hotshot crews, real nationalistic battles, tons of lead changes, and the most tech-advanced sailing coverage you’ll see anywhere in the world from now until the 14th.

First up?  Today’s LIVE RACING ACTION in the most northerly metropolis in the world; get to know the black-haired, blue-eyed beauties and sweet breeze of the 300 islands of Helsinki.  It all begins LIVE at 1400 EET/1200 UTC/0800 New York/0500 Cali. Series standings here.

Enjoy the teaser, above.

UPDATE: 5-Time World Match Race Tour Champ Ian Williams has jumped into the series with GAC/Pindar.  Let’s see how the monohull veteran does this week against his old rivals on US-One.


September 2nd, 2015

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Brian Hancock brings us yet another look at a player in the sport doing it his way. Be sure to check out Brian’s superb blog, All About Sails.

These days it’s getting harder and harder to do something in sailing that’s never been done before. It used to be that a solo circumnavigation was enough. Then it had to be non-stop, then it had to be non-stop the wrong way around. In the late 70’s I met an Australian by the name of Jon Sanders who had done a solo, non-stop circumnavigation and was setting out to do a single-handed, double, non-stop circumnavigation. Once he completed his double he decided that he needed to better his own record and set off again to do three solo, non-stop, circumnavigations. It took him 659 days. You see what I mean about things getting harder and harder?

Well now thanks to global warming and some good timing there is brand new record just waiting to be nabbed. A non-stop transit of the NortheastPassage. The Northeast Passage has been transited under sail, but until now no one has managed to do it without stopping. In the next few weeks that may change. This Thursday a team will set out from Murmansk in the extreme northwest part of Russia and sail to an imaginary finish line in the Bering Strait. Leading the team is China’s most recognized sailor, Guo Chuan, who in 2013 became the first Chinese person to do a single-handed, non-stop lap of the planet.

Chuan had previously competed in the Volvo Ocean Race and has assembled a crack team of sailors and adventurers including Sergei Nizovtsev. Sergei who you ask? I didn’t know who he was either but it turns out he is a Russian polar adventurer and someone with good government connections. In a clever strategic move Chuan was able to dispense with reams of permits and paperwork by bringing Nizovtsev along.

In order to be able to make a quick transit of the Northeast Passage, presumably before it ices up again, Chuan bought the former IDEC, the massive trimaran that Francis Joyon sailed around the world solo, non-stop to set another kind of record. The boat is just under 100-feet long and clearly capable of some impressive speeds. The boat has not changed much since Joyon had it except the name has been changed to Qingdao China and the front five meters of each hull have been reinforced with five millimeters of Kevlar to withstand any impact with ice.

In an interview with a German magazine Boris Herrmann, one of the multinational crew on board explained some of the obstacles they will have to deal with including the vagaries of ice. He and other crew members have been studying the Northwest Passage via satellite on various websites on the Internet trying to determine the best route to avoid as much ice as possible. “Studying the satellite imagery of the area has been useful, but one of the most important tools we have on board are the infrared cameras which can look up to two nautical miles ahead of the boat,” Boris explained.

Useful indeed, but the boat is capable of sailing at 30 knots which means the closing speed is around two minutes a mile, not much time if a growler is spotted lurking just below the surface of the water. Not sure even the kevlar reinforced bows could withstand an impact. Their greatest tool in their arsenal are going to be the brakes that they inevitably will need to apply on a regular basis. Still I wish them well – I wish I had come up with the idea. Seems like a couple of weeks on a fast boat in the arctic is a whole lot more fun than 659 days alone on a slow boat just to get a record.

Thanks to Sid Vicious for the title inspiration.


September 1st, 2015

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Big Pimpin’

shark promoFrom September 1st through October 31st, Mauri Pro will run a contest for one lucky winner and their guest to experience the annual Whale Shark Migration while diving and snorkeling the untouched reefs of Belize. You can be on board the lead boat for this incredible journey with flights for two provided by Mauri Pro and accommodations provided by Sunsail.

About the Flotilla: The dive catamaran flotilla will take place from April 28th to the 30th respectively. There will be multiple ships but the winner and their guest will be on the lead ship. You will be accompanied by lead scientist Demian Chapman, who will be hosting the group. You will also be following the migration pattern of the one of the largest fish, the Whale Shark. Along with the lead scientist, the crew will also be joined by a dive master, so when the Whale Sharks are not around you can take a dive.

Click here for more info and how to enter!

And we must thank Frank Zappa for the title inspiration.


September 1st, 2015

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Olympic Fecal Report

We say Big Fucking Deal. Regardless of their “findings” (which you know have to be suspect as hell), the IOC still refuses to move the venues. Unfuckingbelievable.

Olympic organizers promised Tuesday to introduce viral testing in the polluted waters in Rio de Janeiro where about 1,400 athletes will compete in next year’s games.  The IOC and Brazilian organizers had repeatedly insisted that only bacterial testing was required despite an independent five-month analysis by The Associated Press showing dangerously high levels of viruses from human sewage at all Rio Olympic water venues.

Acknowledging that viral water testing was now necessary, local organizing committee head Carlos Nuzman told the AP that his team was still studying how best to carry out the analysis and what pathogens to search for.

“The viral tests, we will do and we will repeat this because the most important (thing) for us is the health of the athletes,” Nuzman said in an interview in London. “We are working with our medical department and looking for this.”

If the tests come back positive for viruses, organizers will assess the best way of cleaning up the water rather than abandoning any venues, such as Guanabara Bay, which is the venue for sailing and wind surfing.

Read on, if you can stomach it…


September 1st, 2015

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The poor man’s canting keel? You decide


September 1st, 2015

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